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Hey Akron! It's Coach Matt, owner of PWC. I'm doing something Crazy to promote our new Semi-Private Personal Training Program (max 4 clients in group) and celebrate the opening of our New Personal Training Suites inside our fitness and wellness center. You read that right. We actually have boutique fitness studios inside our full service gym now, so you can get the best of both worlds.
A lot of clients tell us they like the privacy, not waiting for equipment, no distractions, and no intimidation like traditional gyms. But they also love having access to all the full service amenities of the wellness center when they want. Some tell us they use to have two different memberships to go to their favorite fitness studio and then the gym on other days. Not anymore!
We are giving away 20 vouchers to get our popular Great Jeans Challenge Fitness Program to for almost half price to celebrate. You can now start the 8 Week Fitness Program for only $497!
We are giving away 20 spots for this beginners program, complete with fun workouts for any level, the world's simplest and practical meal plans (including recipes, grocery list, restaurant tips) and accountability that actually works.

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