Firm & Fluidity

Barre photoBarre, Pilates Plus and Yoga

Our groundbreaking new Firm & Fluidity program encompasses state of the art tools, a private studio and the best training protocols to ensure you a more diverse and personalized workout. Every F&F class challenges your body and mind, integrating all your muscles so they can work together to perform daily functions.  F&F will work your body to the core with a mixture of classes from Barre to Pilates to Yoga and much more.  With a limited class size you will enjoy personal attention from your fitness coach who will customize each of the various classes to meet your goals.

BarreBody – An innovative workout program that combines isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches to systemically lengthen and sculpt your muscles and create a beautiful, lean body. Our process is similar to interval training, but we’ve taken that concept to the next level to make it even more effective. BarreBody’s interval sets use your body’s own weight as resistance and through dynamic exercises, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief.

  • PowerBarre – 30 minute all over body workout.  Using light dumbells, resistance bands, balls and discs we will hit every major muscle in a short period of time.
  • BarreBottom – 30 minute class of all out glutes.  Exercises designed to lift, tighten and sculpt your derriere.
  • CoreBarre – 30 minute class emphasizing abdominals, obliques and lower back.
  • UltimateBarre – 60 minute class hitting every major muscle group with added time for stretching.

Pilates Plus – Pilates is a body conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.  It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates’ system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises