Bootcamp Ad Free two weeksPWC’ Fitness BootCamp is an intense group physical training program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1 hour period of time. The two BootCamp models, MELT and BUILD, are sure to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

BootCamp training often commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights/objects, pushups/situps, plyometrics, and various types of intense explosive routines. These exercises using weights and/or body weight, are used to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and help people get into a routine of regular exercise. You will build camaraderie and use a team effort to push yourself a little bit further than you would normally push yourself in the gym alone.


BUILD – One Stop Body Shock!   A challenging high-energy total body conditioning workout that incorporates Resistance, Power and Endurance training.  This workout will vary each meeting, but will always include cardio with strength and stabilization movements.  Add this resistance-inspired cardio workout to build strength and stamina.

MELT– High Energy Athletic Training designed to challenge your body.  Move through a series of simple, powerful drills to improve speed, agility, endurance and muscle defintion.  The main goal is to provide a total body workout and produce goal oriented results by burning fat and a ton of calories.  Variety of equipment used.